CyberSecurity 101: Attacks, Concepts, and Techniques

Veourn​ Leakhena​ is​ the​ General​ Manager​ at​ Sunrise​ Institute​ and​ is​ dedicated​ to​ training​ the​ next​ generation​ of​ IT​ experts.​ Today​ we​ have​ had​ the​ chance​ to​ listen​ to​ her​ expertise​ and​ advice​ in​ her​ presentation​ called​ CyberSecurity​ 101:​ Attacks,​ concepts,​ and​ techniques​ in​ the​ Cybersecurity​ track.​

Veourn​ Leakhena gives her​ presentation​ on CyberSecurity​ 101:​ Attacks,​ concepts,​ and​ techniques.​

​She​ first​ started​ giving​ an​ overview​ of​ the​ importance​ of​ tackling​ cybersecurity​ and​ explaining​ the​ impact​ it​ has​ on​ our​ daily​ lives.​ Undoubtedly,​ cybersecurity​ is​ a​ very​ hot​ topic​ not​ only​ in​ Cambodia​ but​ at​ the​ global​ level.​ The​ country​ experienced​ Ddos​ attacks​ only​ a​ few​ months​ ago.​ This​ is​ a​ very​ pressing​ issue​ as​ it​ affects​ everyone​ including​ individuals,​ corporations​ and​ businesses,​ and​ the​ State.​

Cyber​ attacks​ can​ come​ in​ a​ wide​ range​ of​ forms​ and​ can​ have​ many​ different​ effects.​ Apart​ from​ stealing​ data​ and​ information​ from​ our​ systems,​ files​ are​ also​ modified​ and​ deleted.​ These​ attacks​ can​ also​ affect​ the​ programs​ we​ have​ installed​ in​ our​ systems,​ preventing​ us​ from​ accessing​ them.​

During​ this​ session​ we​ discussed​ the​ benefits​ of​ hashcalc;​ how​ it​ can​ protect​ data​ through​ encryption​ and​ decryption.​ The​ session​ also​ covered​ the​ profiles​ of​ cyber​ attackers,​ so​ that​ participants​ better​ understand​ the​ nature​ of​ the​ potential​ cyber​ attacks​ they​ are​ vulnerable​ to.​ Ms.​ Leakhena​ also​ provided​ useful​ practical​ advice​ to​ our​ audience​ regarding​ how​ to​ remain​ safe​ online.​ An​ important​ takeaway​ point​ was​ not​ to​ use​ the​ same​ password​ for​ all​ the​ accounts​ we​ own​ online​ as​ a​ way​ of​ minimizing​ the​ likelihood​ of​ being​ hacked.​ In​ the​ same​ line,​ she​ advised​ participants​ not​ to​ use​ intuitive​ passwords​ that​ would​ be​ easy​ to​ guess,​ such​ as​ existing​ words.​

Questions​ raised​ by​ participants​ focused​ on​ their​ concerns​ regarding​ our​ privacy​ online​ and​ the​ limits​ we​ should​ set​ when​ sharing​ our​ lives​ online.​ This​ is​ a​ trending​ topic​ nowadays​ as​ our​ presence​ in​ social​ media​ increases​ every​ day​ and​ we​ are​ sometimes​ not​ aware​ of​ the​ implications​ of​ posting​ such​ kind​ of​ information.

Leakhena’s​ session​ was​ one​ of​ our​ most​ attended​ lectures​ on​ the​ first​ day​ of​ the​ camp,​ attracting​ over​ half​ of​ the​ camp’s​ audience.​ She​ is​ a​ leading​ example​ for​ other​ women​ in​ technology,​ as​ she​ is​ an​ expert​ in​ IT​ cybersecurity​ and​ works​ to​ share​ that​ knowledge​ with​ budding​ IT​ students.​

The participants pay attention to her presentation.

Voeurn​ Leakhna​ is​ part​ of​ a​ global​ community​ who​ is​ dedicated​ to​ training​ the​ next​ generation​ of​ IT​ experts.​ She​ has​ been​ taught​ in​ networking​ skill​ (Cisco​ Course)​ for​ almost​ 8​ years,​ currently,​ she​ is​ working​ as​ General​ Manager​ of​ Sunrise​ Information​ of​ Technology.​ Before​ SUNRISE,​ she​ used​ to​ do​ internship​ and​ worked​ at​ Norton​ University,​ Smart​ Mobile​ Company,​ Skyline​ Apartment,​ Passerelles​ numériques​ Cambodia​ (PNC),​ AMK​ MFI,​ and​ has​ always​ been​ involved​ in​ the​ IT​ sector.​ Last​ but​ not​ least,​ she​ has​ participated​ in​ Mekong​ ICT​ last​ year,​ and​ also​ her​ group​ has​ been​ elected​ by​ Selection​ Committee​ at​ the​ 5th​ Mekong​ ICT​ Camp​ 2017,​ for​ the​ seed​ grant​ was​ awarded​ for​ the​ 5​ best​ prototypes​ (one​ for​ each​ country​ in​ the​ Mekong​ sub-region).​ This​ year,​ she​ is​ willing​ to​ share​ about​ Cam​ Lost​ And​ Found​ Project​ and​ also​ Introduction​ to​ Cyber​ Security.