Modernizing HIV

Ratana Sopha is an expert at using online platforms as a tool for HIV prevention and education. He began by giving an overview of the history of HIV prevention efforts in Cambodia. The history can be presented in the three temporal phases, Read More

Human-Centered Design​

Human-centered design​ (HCD) is a new kind of creative problem solving. It is rooted in an empathetic approach, which places users at the center of the design and implementation process. It begins with understanding the needs of the person you’re designing for, Read More

CyberSecurity 101: Attacks, Concepts, and Techniques

Veourn Leakhena is the General Manager at Sunrise Institute and is dedicated to training the next generation of IT experts. Today we have had the chance to listen to her expertise and advice in her presentation called CyberSecurity 101: Attacks, concepts, and techniques in the Cybersecurity track.

The Essential Steps to Startup Success

Instead of opening his session with success stories about Cambo, he started with a story that speaks to all entrepreneurs. He told the story of his first failed startup. By sharing an analysis of the business’s failure, he was able to show participants exactly how crucial his advice is for beginning a successful start-up. His lecture was comprehensive, beginning from the foundations for a successful idea to its execution.

Opening Session of Cambodia ICT Camp

Open Development Cambodia is pleased to host the Cambodia ICT Camp 2018. Cambodia ICT Camp 2018 is a five-day event built around the main themes of Open Source for Good, Social Innovation, Open Data for Sustainable Development, and Cybersecurity.

Success stories of 2017 Innovation Seed Grants

As we are approaching Cambodia ICT Camp 2018, we reflect on last year’s Mekong region wide camp. In 2017, five projects were selected from the Lower Mekong Region to receive funding from the Mekong ICT Camp called ‘Seed Grant Innovation Funds’. Among the winners were educational programs from Laos and Myanmar, a nature education program in Thailand, a school electrification project in Vietnam, and a revolutionized lost and found system in Cambodia.

Cambodia ICT Camp 2018: Cambodia’s First-Ever Computing Camp

Cambodia’s first-ever computing camp, the five-day Cambodia ICT Camp, will be held in Siem Reap next week. At Open Development Cambodia, we are excited to facilitate knowledge sharing on the important topics of cyber security, open-source software, social innovation and the benefits of open data.